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Introduction to algebraic codes.

Sample textbook

[1] Tzuong-Tsien Moh, Introduction to Algebraic Codes, 2008. Freely available to UTSA students.

Catalog entry

Prerequisite: Algebra and Number Systems (MAT 1313), or Discrete Mathematical Structures (CS 2233/2231), or instructor consent.

Contents: Vector space codes, introduction to rings, ring codes, introduction to algebraic geometry, algebraic geometry codes.

Topics List

Week Topic Sections from Moh's book Prerequisite
1-2 Vector space codes 1 MAT1313, CS2233/2231, or instructor consent.
3-4 Introduction to ring theory 2
5-6 Ring codes 3
7-8 Introduction to algebraic geometry 4
9-10 Algebraic curve Goppa codes 5
11-13 Decoding the geometric Goppa codes 6