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MAT 5323 Cryptography II (post-quantum cryptography).

Sample textbook:

[1] Daniel Bernstein, Johannes Buchmann, Erik Dahmen, Post-Quantum Cryptography, Springer, 2010.

Catalog entry

Prerequisite: Algebra and Number Systems (MAT 1313), or Discrete Mathematical Structures (CS 2233/2231), or instructor consent.

Contents: (1) Introduction to post-quantum cryptography. (2) Quantum computing. (3) Hash-based Digital Signature Schemes. (4) Code-based cryptography. (5) Lattice-based Cryptography (6) Multivariate Public Key Cryptography. (7) Homomorphic encryption.

Topics List

Week Topic Chapter 1 from the Bernstein-Johannes Buchmann-Dahmen book MAT1313, or CS2233/2231, or instructor consent.
1-3 Introduction to post-quantum cryptography 1 MAT1313 or CS2233/2231, or equivalent.
2-4 Quantum computing 2
5-6 Hash-based Digital Signature Schemes 3
7-8 Code-based cryptography 4
9-10 Lattice-based Cryptography 5
11-12 Multivariate Public Key Cryptography 6
13-end Homomorphic encryption