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UTSA Department of Mathematics

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Undergraduate Studies


Minor in Mathematics

To receive a minor, students must complete at least 18 semester credit hours, including 6 hours at the upper-division level at UTSA, and must achieve a grade point average of at least 2.0 (on a 4.0 scale) on all work used to satisfy the requirements of a minor. See UTSA's Undergraduate Catalog

The Minor in Mathematics requires the Calculus series plus linear algebra, and upper division courses in either the Math Major or the Data & Applied Science Core

Data & Applied Science Core

Lower Division

  • MDC1213 Sociocultural Foundations of Mathematics, Data Science, and Computing
  • MAT1213 Calculus I (3 credit hours)
  • MAT1223 Calculus II (3 credit hours)
  • MAT2213 Calculus III (3 credit hours)
  • MAT2253 Applied Linear Algebra (3 credit hours)

Upper Division

Math Major

Lower Division

  • MAT1313 Algebra and Number Systems
  • MAT2313 Combinatorics and Probability

Upper Division

  • MAT3003 Discrete Mathematics
  • MAT3013 Foundations of Mathematics Course transitioning to be replaced by MAT3003 Discrete Mathematics (below).
  • MAT3203 Abstract Linear Algebra
  • MAT3213 Foundations of Analysis Course transitioning to be replaced by MAT3333 Fundamentals of Analysis and Topology (below).
  • MAT3333 Fundamentals of Analysis and Topology
  • MAT3233 Modern Algebra
  • MAT3333 Fundamentals of Analysis and Topology
  • MAT3313 Logic and Computability
  • MAT3613 Differential Equations I
  • MAT3623 Differential Equations II
  • MAT3633 Numerical Analysis
  • MAT3223 Complex Variables
  • MAT4033 Abstract Linear Algebra II
  • MAT4213 Real Analysis I
  • MAT4223 Real Analysis II
  • MAT4233 Modern Abstract Algebra
  • MAT4273 Topology
  • MAT4283 Computing for Mathematics
  • MAT4323 Applied Graph Theory
  • MAT4373 Mathematical Statistics I


Math for Liberal Arts

  • MAT1043 Introduction to Mathematics

Elementary Education

  • MAT1023 College Algebra
  • MAT1153 Essential Elements in Mathematics I
  • MAT1163 Essential Elements in Mathematics II

General Math Studies

Graduate Studies

Core M.Sc. Studies

Core courses, common across all M.Sc. tracks, must be at least 50% of the credit 30 hours needed to obtain a M.Sc. degree. The following courses add up to 15 credit hours.

Qualifying Examination Tracks

  • MAT5183 Algebra II (Pure, Applied tracks)
  • MAT5123 Cryptography (Pure, Applied tracks)
  • MAT5323 Cryptography II (Pure, Applied tracks))
  • MAT5213 Analysis II (Pure track)
  • MAT5113 Computing for Mathematics (Pure, Applied tracks)
  • MAT5433 Discrete Mathematics II (Pure, Applied tracks)
  • MAT5383 Mathematical Statistics II (Applied tracks)

M.Sc. Track in Pure Mathematics

M.Sc. Track in Applied & Industrial Mathematics

M.Sc. in Mathematics Education